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Om Bori

*17. September 1987 in Berlin


seit 2009: Bildende Kunst, Universität der Künste, Berlin
2008 - 2014: Diplomstudium Medienkunst, Ungarische Universität der Bildenden Künste, Budapest

3,267 footsteps


In this work, I deploy an algorithm for stereoscopic street imaging in order to trace my daily commute between my home, my school and my grandmother´s place in the city of Budapest. The 3,267 footsteps of my route are quantified in some 2,100 stitched images, rendering an animated 3D-simulation of my everyday perspective. By default of the used technology, most ephemeral phenomena (people, cars, clouds etc.) efface in the course of digital reprocessing. Captured life becomes reduced to computable coordinates of motionless, inanimate figurations. Yet what is uncaptured still lurks in the form of blank spots, faint shades and ghostly silhouettes. As a result a world is recreated that oscillates between high-resolution images, disintegrating shapes and wayward transmutations. This form of virtualised subjectivity is contrasted with an intimate narrative about the vistas of my daily route.