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Clément Claudius


seit 2018: Studium Bildende Kunst an der UdK Berlin, Fachklasse Ursula Neugebauer

Buy Motherfucker, Buy!

Coffin shape sculpture made out of shopping carts

Sozial Hangematte
Shit Happens


Holiday To Heaven


DominoZzz (Portrait)

Street art

Something like a mix of street artistry, photography, performance and mostly conceptual art in reality.

The menu is served with a hint of poetry, a dash of philosophy, some politics and sweet critics. Most of the productions have little twists of humor that engage in a dialog with the viewer. Generally taking place in an urban environment, the majority of the pieces are ephemeral, and pictures just souvenirs.

For him, a strong artwork is about the harmony between the message and the aesthetics, kind of like a beautiful person has nothing to do with beauty but is about the symbiosis between her body and her soul.

Because individual realization often comes from collective inspiration, thank you, even if you don't know why.